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Terry group meeting – today 11.30 B52

apologies for the short notice!

Panini Stickers: very important

Dear all,

I just got my free Panini sticker album for the world cup and I am very tempted to buy a box of stickers. However, I need somebody to exchange stickers with. As I don’t want to be seen loitering around schools, I was wondering if some other people were interested in reliving their childhood and take up sticker collection?

Terry:Your kids don’t collect by any chance, do they?

Mol Ecol Group Meeting Tuesday, 04. May, 11:00h in B52

Our next Group Meeting will be Tuesday, 04. May, at 11:00h in B52.

Karl will tell us about “Hopping on the good flipper and doing the bad thing: an
exposé on the sex lives of hawksbill turtles”.

The second presentation will be given by either me or Ian, and the title of our talk is:

“Fitness consequences of parental provisioning behaviour in house sparrows”.

Hope to see you all,



Dear Colleague,

I would appreciate it if you could bring our workshop Introduction to Evolutionary Genetics, to be held Sep 28- Oct 1 2010 at IST Austria to the attention of any suitable students, and to display our poster ( download poster) in your department. Further details of the workshop can be found at our website: I very much appreciate your help.With kind regards,Nick Barton

Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Am Campus 1
Klosterneuburg 3400
phone: (43)2243 9000 3001

Call for workshops for the Faculty Small Science and Art festival, 29th and 30th June, 29-30/06, Octagon

The festival will deliver a series of short science workshops (15-20 min) aimed at 11 years old pupils who will later explore the science presented through creative workshops (theatre, drama , dance, creative writing).

The workshops need to be related to research aimed at developing new forms of energy and will be be delivered twice on each morning. The workshops will be delivered to a group of 15 pupils enabling a good level of interaction with pupils and possibilities of hands-on activities. Ideally the 20 minutes would comprise a small 5-10 min introduction followed by an activity/hands-on/demo.

The range of topics that could be covered during the workshop is wide:
– the basic working of the sun/ solar system
– photosynthesis, enhancing photosynthesis…
– new forms of energy exploiting solar energy
– synthetic biology to develop energy producing microorganisms…
– climate change

We really need your help to make this event a success!

Sandrine Soubes, Postgraduate Training coordinator, x24220

“Writing a successful grant application” workshop 6/5/10

Learn to present your grant to influence its chance of success and experience the difficulties faced by grant committee members.

The session will cover some real life examples and involve a mock panel discussion session. The course will be run by Professor Tim Skerry.

To register for the workshop, email Lucy Lee <>.

How to be an Effective Researcher – free Sheffield course

A few places left for the CPD programme “How to be an Effective Researcher”.

For early career research staff/Postdoc within the first 3–15 months of a research contract with project management responsibility.

 Thursday 13th May and Friday 14th May, 9.15- 5.00pm; Meeting Room 2 in the Bioincubator
(Lunch and refreshments provided)
Programme aims
The programme has been designed to integrate self-awareness and learning across a number of key areas, which include:
• project management – for the researcher’s own projects, and in assisting others with their projects, and including the creativity of developing new projects
• people management – managing others (students, technicians, etc) and being managed (PIs, department heads, etc)
• prioritization of competing tasks and managing complex, diverse workloads
• orientation within a longer-term career.
In addition, it will build greater self-awareness of the researcher’s learning and working styles.

To book a place, please contact Dr Sandrine Soubes <>

Coffee and Career session – 4th May, 12.30, Krebs room- Firth court

For all postgraduatre students and postdoctoral staff.

Careers in Science Publishing

Lorena Tomas Laudo, Deputy Editor of Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Natural Product Reports and Medicinal Chemistry Communications
from the Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing

Andrew Cosgrove, assistant editor for the journal Genome Biology (published by BioMed Central). BioMed Central publishes ~150 journals on-line on an open-access basis (ie no subscription is needed to read the research). Of these, Genome Biology is the journal with the highest impact factor
and broadest scope.

Batch primer design using primer3

Don’t know if anybody has come across this before.

Good for designing primers around microsats as it searches for repeats before designing primers either side. If you click on “Download entire results (a zip file)” it gives you several formats of the primers designed including were the primers are in the sequence. It also seems to batch design SNP primers however not tried this.


3 year NERC PDRA – University of Oxford / UEA – 7/5/10 deadline

Postdoctoral Research Assistant: The role of immune-mediated female sperm selection in temporal dynamics of fertilisation bias Grade 7: Salary £28,983 – £35,646 p.a.

Further particulars, including full project details and application forms are available from

The closing date for applications is 7 May 2010. We hope to make an appointment by 1 June 2010.