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another freebie: i also have a rather kitsch red/black bean bag. if anyone wants it let me know and i could maybe drop it off tomorrow morning.

Reminder: Mol Ecol Group Meeting next Tues 2nd Feb

Our next meeting will be next Tues 2nd Feb 10-11 in B52. Unfortunately, there will be only one presentation, by Yung Wa Sin (a vistor from Oxford): Mate choice and MHC in badgers.

freebies & leaving drinks

I’m moving to Groningen this Sat, would be great if you could join me in the interval for one last drink after work on fri. I have a few things that I was going to throw out but wondered if anyone might want?

Cannon Powershot A60 digital camera – 2.0MPixels, works but low resolution

JVC video player (if you can remember what one of those is)

Filing cabinet – two drawers, metal (so heavy), cream colour, is old but does the business (roughly 65cm high x 65 cm deep x 40 cm wide)


Hello everyone,we are advertising for fieldwork assistants on St Kilda for this Spring. If you know anyone who may be interested (friends? former students?), please let them know about this advert!








We are currently looking for volunteers for this year’s Soay sheep Spring expeditions to St. Kilda, a group of islands 180 km off the coast of north-west Scotland.  The expeditions run from mid February till the beginning of April and from late March till early May 2009.



– Mortality searches

– Systematic daily searches to record the birth of lambs

– Catching lambs for tagging and identification purposes



       Must be available for the full period of one of the time periods stated

       Must be fit, St Kilda has a very demanding terrain; ability to run essential

       A background in Biological Sciences


Travel to the island will be by helicopter from Benbecula (Outer Hebrides) and the team will stay in cottages built by the original inhabitants of St Kilda (since restored by the National Trust for Scotland).  Expenses incurred whilst travelling in Scotland will be reimbursed and food/accommodation on island are provided. This is an ideal opportunity to gain field experience in large mammal research and to visit St Kilda, the remotest of British islands.


If you wish to apply for this work please send: a CV with covering letter, contact phone number and details of two referees that can be contacted immediately by email.


CONTACT:  Jill Pilkington


New lab Calendar

…we have a new lab calendar where you are expected to record when you are going to be not around.


New lab office space now open!

The workmen have now just about finished- so please take advantage of the new office space in the far end of the lab (at the moment this applies to all of you who do not have a writing desk- including visitors, 4th year lab students etc.). We will need to buy a new internet connetion hub  I think. Feel free to put some pretty pictures up. No eating/drinking in the area as it is still  officially ‘lab space’.


Freezer room and lab freezers clearout

Me and Heather are going to go through the freezers by the end of this month. I would like to throw out at least all PCR products (which are probably useless in most cases? and could pose a contamination threat to your whole DNA). We are running out of space in the freezer room and the chest freezers. It will probably be the week after next but we might start next week if time allows- so be prepared if you have PCR plates that you haven’t run yet in the freezer room. This will also apply to ‘old people’s stuff in the coldroom.

This is not an idle threat- it will happen 🙂 If you (or someone you were working with ) has PCR’s that need to be kept please protect them now!

 If you beat us to it and remove some of your waste products etc. that would be much appreciated :).

Remote computer desktop control

Does anyone know how to take control of someone elses computer desktop remotely? (with their blessing of course!!)- for example so I could see their desktop on my computer and control a program open on their desktop (i.e. show them how GeneMapper works). Illumina did it on the BeadExpress when it had a problem- and I think it would be of some benefit if we could do it. Possible?


1GB memory cards

Hi all,

Chris has just upgraded the memory in my computer (Dell Precision T5400). He removed eight 1GB cards, would these be useful for anyone?

The exact details of the cards are:


Anna 🙂

Pub/Dancing this Saturday!

Hello MolEcolers,

I will be turning one year older this weekend, so what better way to celebrate then drinking and dancing?

We will go to the Washington from about 8pm (map) and will probably end upgoing the Casbah when we are sufficiently tipsy.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come along, hope to see you there!

Susie 🙂