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help require in statistical problem


i am doing statistical analysis for my population genetics data. i am using SPAGEDI and FSTAT. in the begining the Fis and Fst values of both packages were same but then i increase the samples by treating each collection sight separartley now i am getting different values by SPAGEDI and FSTAT. if any one know the reason for this please do let me know. i am quiet confuse because of this.



next TAB Group Meeting – this Friday 23rd Oct, B52, 12.30 noon.

Hi all,

we are back on Friday meetings. Let there be cake!

Look who’s 40 on Sunday! Hasn’t changed a bit, has he?!!!


New Journal by BES

British Ecological Society is launching a new journal in 2010, Methods in Ecology and Evolution (MEE).

The journal homepage is now available online and includes a Virtual Issue encompassing a range of methodological studies recently published in the British Ecological Society’s four already established journals. These papers have been selected by Rob Freckleton, editor of MEE, in order to highlight the range of types of methodological paper that we hope the new journal will publish in the future.

The journal is now inviting submissions and offers authors the following benefits:

* Rapid review: <4 weeks to first decision.
* Rapid publication: article by article ‘Early View’ publication will ensure papers are published online without waiting for issue compilation.
* High visibility: online access to MEE will be free for all during 2010. Librarians can also register for free access for your institution in perpetuity to the first two volumes (2010 and 2011).
* Developing world access: MEE will be made available to institutions in developing countries through the AGORA, OARE and INASPphilanthropic initiatives.
* Open Access: MEE is part of OnlineOpen, which allows authors to fund their article to be open access from publication.
* Online submission: efficient and author-friendly web-based system for submission and review.
* No author fees: no charge for additional online material or colour in main text.
* LaTeX submission: we accept submissions in LaTeX as well as Word.

More info:

Accommodation – Wanted

On of our visitors, Simon Sin, is looking for a single room to stay in Nov-Dec. If anyone has an available room, please email Simon directly ( Thanks!

40 what?

I’m turning the big “Four Zero” on the 18th October (I’m actually looking forward to it!).  To help me celebrate this milestone anyone want to come out for a few beers (Interval) and a curry (tbc) on Friday 16th after work? (I’m not at work the week after and am allowed out to play). Just let me know if you would like to come for the curry so that I can try and book somewhere 🙂



Run for Cancer Research

Hi folks

just one final shameless plug for you to sponsor me.

im runnning a 12k adventure challenge race in aid of cancer research this saturday. please support this worthwhile cause



race website-

Next TAB Group Meeting – tomorrow cancelled

Dear all,

tomorrow morning’s group meeting has been postponed to Tuesday next week, 12.30 start, located in B52.

Look forward to catch up with everybody!


Genomics for beginners on Lightwood

Genomics for beginners presentations now on Lightwood SMGF (courtesy of Anna, Juan, Philine, Robert).

LIZ problems- denaturing

…we have been experiencing random problems with LIZ failing and now think this is due to poor denaturing (384 plates seem to be hit hardest). Follow the protocol below to ensure that your samples are fully denatured
1) Denature for *5* minutes at 94degrees
2) *immediately* quench the plate in *icy water* for 5 minutes (ensure wells are sitting deep in the water.
3) check that your plate is running OK (I think if not then you might be able to re-denature to rectify).
4) report any problems
The above is critical as poorly denatured/quenched plates might give you a sizing quality that is ‘good’ but because the size markers have been consistently ‘slowed’ or ‘widened’ this might cause size differences between runs (it seems that your ‘alleles’ are not affected as much).