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Mol Ecol Lab Meeting: Tues 6th Oct

Our next lab meeting will be on Tuesday, 10-11am, in B52

Geetha Annavi will present her work on: Reproductive success and inbreeding patterns in European badgers, Meles meles

I’ll present a talk on: Fitness consequences and heritability of helping behaviour in the Seychelles warbler

Please email me with any news for the meeting

old phones

Dear all,

Do you have an old and/or broken mobile phone that you want to give away for charity. I’m currently collecting these for my sons school. Let me know tomorrow or by thursday at the latest if you are interested.


Hey folks

I am doing a 12k adventure race on 10th of October. Throughout the race there are extra challenges to help try and tire me out. These include an army obstacle course and a swim half way through.
More info on the event can be found at

Please help my motivation and determination to do this by sponsoring me. The money is going to cancer research UK.

you can sponsor me on my just giving page

thanks for your support


posters for outside lab

Do you have a poster? can you put it on the poster board outside the lab…


CICS Courses on Research Computing

From: Research Computing Group <>

Date: 24 September 2009 21:01:07 BST


Subject: CICS Courses on Research Computing


Corporate Information and Computing Services provide a range of training courses enabling researchers to use high performance and grid computing facilities at local, regional and national levels.

A number of courses are available covering the following areas:

* Getting started with High Performance Grid Computing
* Application development using C, FORTRAN or Matlab
* Advanced High Performance Computing
* Data Visualisation

Full timetables and details for the courses may be found at:

To register for courses please go to the following web page

Subject to availability the courses are open to all researchers. Optionally, graduate researchers may register for courses through the Research Training Programme and gain credits for their research degrees.

Please forward this e-mail to new researchers in your department who may find this training useful.

For further information please e-mail

Information related to this message is available at


…who put the dragonfly on my computer? Can I keep it? It’s amazing!!!


We are currently advertising for a lecturer in evolutionary biology (a permanent position) here in the Biology Department at York.  If you know of any potentially suitable candidates, please draw this opportunity to their attention, or let me have their details and I will be happy to contact them.


The closing date is 8 October, and details can be found at


With best regards




Prof J P W Young

Department of Biology 3

University of York

P O Box 373

York YO10 5YW, UK

Sequencing- use ‘real controls’ if possible

Hi folks- just a note about DNA sequencing- if possible use one ‘real control’ (i.e. samples that you know have already worked for a particular primer as well as a standard pGEM). You could ask a colleaugue also for a sample if you do not have one?

The working or otherwise of this sample will give more info. to guide you to the source of any problem (see my email regarding failing reverse sequences).



It’s Chris’ last day in the lab today and he’ll be offering cake in the locker room from 3.30pm


“Genomics for beginners-initial basic knowledge transfer meeting”

“Genomics for beginners- initial basic knowledge transfer meeting”

Tuesday 6th October 1.30-3.30 in B52

This will be held by our very own Drs. Robert Ekblom, Philline Feulner, Juan Galindo and Anna Santure.

It will be aimed at pretty much beginnners- the idea being to transfer some of their knowledge of the theory, new techniques etc. ecompassed under the ‘Genomics’ heading. It is hoped that this session will highlight other specific knowledge-transfer needs (perhaps another more detailed session or hands-on bioinformatics session for example)

Can you let me know if you are going to attend.

If you would like a particular subject addressing could you also let me know and I will pass it on.