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Lab meeting Tuesday 1st September

Just a quick reminder about the lab meeting. 10-11 am in B52

talks and cake/biscuits by Mihaly Foldvari and Jen Smith.

Jen – The effects of supplementary feeding on the reproductive behaviour of woodland birds

Mihaly – Sexual selection and male-male contest in stalk- eyed flies

Have a good weekend,


‘Darwin Today’ Exhibition – Winter Gardens 15-30 Sep

The ‘Darwin Today’ Exhibition is coming to Sheffield Winter Gardens 15-30 September. This Research Councils UK exhibition, led by BBSRC, celebrates the importance of modern evolutionary biology and the pioneering work of Charles Darwin. The exhibition marks the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of ‘On the Origin of Species’. ‘Darwin Today’ is touring the UK and is designed to engage a wide family audience with Darwin’s ideas, and incorporates a number of interactive elements (‘Moth-counting’, ‘Selection sieve’ and “Opinions”, see  This represents a great opportunity for UoS scientists to engage with the public.

The Sheffield step in the tour is being co-ordinated by Julie Gray in MBB. She is looking for volunteers (academics, postdocs, graduate students) to help run the interactive elements of the exhibition. Free T-shirts and even demonstrator fees for graduate helpers are on offer! If you are interested and can spare a couple of hours over the weekend of either 19/20 or 26/27 September, contact Julie (24407,

from Andy Fleming

TAB Group Meeting Friday 11.30am B52

hi all, a quick reminder that our group meeting is tomorrow at the earlier 11.30 time.

Wildlife Trust

Dear All,

Is anyone (or anyone you know) a member of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and has a copy of the recent trust magazine that I could have when you are finished with it?



Bio-Linux machines

Hi All,

A quick note on Bio-Linux computers. These should never be switched off and the the network cable for these should not be unplugged – at least one of them functions as a web server, and others are in use as analysis computers that can be used remotely from other computers in the department. If you are not sure, then ask Andy before you switch off a computer. If you notice any of these machines switched off – as happened in the recent power outage – let Andy/ me know. I’m not sure that we have an official administrator for these machines,

All the best,


New Scientist Calendar 2010 photographic competition

New Scientist are creating a 2010 calendar that is made up of images taken by their audience. Photos could be something that reflects how science and technology impacts on your life or on our world, something from the natural world that has sparked your interest in science, an amazing piece of machinery, bold and beautiful architecture or an image taken in the lab.

More info:

DEADLINE: Wednesday 2nd September, 11am.

Mol Ecol Lab Meeting: Tues 1st Sep

Our next meeting is 10-11am, Tues 1st Sep, in B52.

Mihaly Foldvari and Jen Smith will be presenting talks.

Jen – The effects of supplementary feeding on the reproductive behaviour of woodland birds

Mihaly – Sexual selection and male-male contest in stalk- eyed flies

Clemens will chair the meeting as I’m away. If you’ve any news for the meeting please email Clemens (

Vacuum cleaner

Hello, has anyone got a spare vacuum cleaner? I would like to borrow, rent or by one.Cheers


Next TAB group meeting – Friday 28/08 B52; 11.30am!

Please note the slightly earlier time. Any new visitor, please bring cake! 😉

Bring out your dead…pipettes!

If you have any pipettes that are ‘dodgy’ (test them on the 4 point balance, weighing out water at min and max) could you please drop them on my bench with a note detailing the problem ASAP. If me and Heather cannot mend/calibrate them they will be entered in the pipette cleaning clinic.