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Flora is retiring on 12th June

Flora is retiring on 12th June (after 47 years of work- 11 years for the MolEcol lab). There will be a card in B54 for you to add your good luck wishes etc. (from Monday). Also there will be a collection envelope for your cash contributions to a gift (ideas of what we should get her are needed- we know she will be doing a lot of camping for example). Maybe when you are talking to her you could gleen any info. on what might be suitable.

She will be continuing to work for us for the foreseeable future as a casual worker so this will not strictly be her last day in the lab but I think it would be a nice thing for us to show our appreciation of all her hard work and very good humour over the years.

St Kilda – Volunteers needed in August!

The St Kilda Soay sheep project is looking for volunteers for the annual summer catch. This is an ideal opportunity to gain field experience in large mammal research and to visit St Kilda, which is a dual world heritage site and also the remotest part of the British Isles – see,_Scotland for information. It really is a once in a lifetime experience!

The expedition departs from Edinburgh on Thurs 6 Aug, and returns around Sat 22 Aug. Travel is by minibus and ferry to Leverburgh (Isle of Harris) and then a 3 hour high-speed boat journey to St Kilda. It doesn’t cost anything to take part, and all food and accommodation is provided. Despite having no permanent residents, there is also a very cheap pub on the island, called the ‘Puff Inn’, as well as millions of seabirds, a few radar station staff, and lots and lots of sheep.

The main requirements are:

– You are available for the full time period;
– You must be fit, the terrain is demanding and you will be doing a lot of running around,
– You have a background in Biological Sciences.

If you are interested, text or leave a message with Josephine Pemberton on 07973 315523; if you want to know more details first, email me:

If you know someone who would be interested (maybe people who are graduating this summer?), then please pass this information on.


Lucy’s Birthday and 4th Year Project Hand-in

By fantastic coincidence, next Wednesday (June 3rd) is the date that Lucy Wright gets a year older AND the day that the 4th year projects get submitted (something that Helen and Claire will be particularly pleased to celebrate).

To mark this auspicious date we thought we’d …….

go to the pub (The Interval)…and then to a restaurant (tba).

Controversial, I know.

2 positions in genetics of Drosophila aging (1 postdoc, 1 technician), Vienna, Austria

More info, click here:job ad

Ice available in Perak 1 lab next week

Ice will be available next week (while the autoclave room one is fixed) in Perak 1 (past the toilets on our floor and straight on through the double doors). This will be locked at 4pm so if you want some after this or the weekend please store some in the lab (either in a freezer or tightly packed into a big polystyrene ice box).

Mol Ecol Lab Meeting: Tues 2nd June, 10-11am

Lucy Wright will introduce her project and the aims of her research – her talk is entitled

Fitness consequences of multiple paternity in a marine turtle population

Julia Schroeder will present a talk on her Phd work –

Anthropogenic effects on sexually selected traits historical reduction of breeding plumage ornamentation in Black-tailed Godwits

If you’ve any news for the lab meeting pelase email me (

Sponsored Chatsworth Run

 Amy, Jim, Celine and I are all taking part in a 10k sponsored run this Sunday (10am, May 31st) at Chatsworth House.  It would be lovely if you came along to support (/laugh at/mock/resuscitate) the TAB team , and (weather permitting) we plan to have a picnic afterwards in the grounds, which you’re welcome to come along to.

Alternatively, you could offer us support in the form of hard cash:



BBQ on Saturday

Hi everybody,

I am doing a barbecue this Saturday at my house in 10 Kenbourne Road at around 5 ish.  

google map of my house 

see you there


Scanner/ GPS

Hi All

I’m going to need to remove the lab scanner from the lab for fieldwork for a week (Weds 27th May – 3rd June inclusive). So if you need to get some scanning done, now’s the time!

I also need to find the second Garmin Gecko GPS (grass green in colour). I know that the first GPS unit is off on fieldwork and unavailable. If anyone knows where the second GPS is, please let me know,

Cheers, Raj

Entrepreneurial free training for postgrads

The Bioscience YES (Young Entrepreneurs Scheme) – Yorkshire and Humber is an innovative competition developed to raise awareness of the commercialisation of bioscience ideas among postgraduate students at Universities in the Yorkshire and Humberside region.
Friday 22nd May in the BMS Conference Room (A floor, Alfred Denny)
12.30 BioScience YES – aims, purpose and values
Professor John Peberdy MBE, University of Nottingham

12.50 Q&A The YES Experience

13.00 Yorkshire Enterprise Fellowship
Dr Munitta Muthana, University of Sheffield

13.15 Lunch

Please register for the event with Dr. Lucy Lee (