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Postdoc position available

Christian Sturmbauer who is based in Graz, Austria has a 2 year postdoc on quantitative genetics of cichlids.
Details here if anyone interested.

Mol Ecol Lab Meeting: Tues 5th May (10-11am)

The next meeting will be in B52 on Tuesday 5th May between 10 and 11am. There will be talks from:

   Jim Mossman, Sperm speed and bird genes: like father, like son

   Matt Zeale, Insectivorous bats – A molecular approach diet analysis

Please email me with any news for the meeting

Terry’s group meeting this Friday 12 noon, B52

free media workshop, London, Friday 8th May

Sense About Science is holding a free Standing up for Science Media Workshop in London at the Institute of Physics on Friday 8th May. It is for early career researchers in the physical, chemical, mathematical  and engineering sciences (PhD students, post-docs or equivalent in first job).
The workshop involves scientists and journalists talking about science and the media and giving practical guidance for early career researchers to get their voices heard in debates about science.
Applicants should send Julia Wilson a CV and covering letter explaining their reasons for applying and any affiliations they hold
The deadline for applications is Wednesday 29th April 2009.
For more information see the full advert in the right hand column on our website:

Alice Tuff, Development Manager
Sense About Science
25 Shaftesbury Avenue
Tel:+44 (0) 20 7478 4331
Sense About Science is a small charity promoting evidence and good science for the public. We depend on donations, large and small, from people who support our work.


Hi all,

My computer crashed a few days ago and has just been formatted so I need to (re)install some softwares. For most of them I can get some “staff” copies through CiCS but the following ones need to be ordered via SAP: Endnote X2.0.1, Acrobat Professional 9.0, PhotoshopCS4.11, Dreamweaver CS4.10.  Some of them are expensive so before anything else, I would like to know if some of you already have some of these copies that I could use, or if some of you would also be interested in getting these softwares. Thanks to let me know by email (



Wasabi Sabi


Just to let everyone know the Wasabi Sabi meal is booked for tomorrow evening at 7:30, hooray!

Ian L Cleasby

Another accommodation request…

Hi all,I’m coming back up to Sheffield again (I promise this will be the last time… maybe).  At the moment I’m planning to arrive on Friday 1st and stay until Tuesday 12th.  Does anyone have a spare room or comfy patch of floor they could rent me for that time?

Many thanks,


Japanese Meal on Thursday


I am planning to go for a meal on Thursday the 23rd to celebrate/ commiserate the fact that I am off for this summers fieldwork the next day. To put this into an earth-shattering perspective I shall not be gracing TAB lab again until September. The plan is to go to a Japanese restaurant called Wasabi  Sabi (on London Road), we’re eating Japanese in honour of my Japanese heritage. If you want to go let me know by e-mail or writing on the board in the lab so that I can book it in advance.

Ian R Cleasby


originally planned for tomorrow, but has to be cancelled at short notice.  I’ll let you know the new date when decided.


Accommodation wanted please

Hi all,

I am looking for a room from 9 May and wondered if anyone had one spare please, that they would be happy to let on a month-by-month basis? Thank you!!!

Anna (