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work experience for students over summer

Dear all,

some students are keen to get experience over the summer and are offering their time. If you feel you could benefit form a second pair of hands at the same time as providing experience, please contact the following students; but please give priority to final year students.

Aimee McTighe:

Simon Boardman:

Tim Finch:

C clements:

Helen’s viva

Hi everyone,

It’s Helen’s viva this Thursday and the plan is to go for some beers (not sure where yet) then to the Mangla for some curry. If you want to come along for the meal, please write your name on the board in the lab or email me TODAY if possible.



SNPs-Wed 18th – 1pm in the lab

Hi folks- ABI are coming to talk to us about SNP genotyping platforms that they are offering (Wed 18th – 1pm). Anyone interested just come to the lab at 1pm (it will just be an informal chat around a laptop).

TAB Group Meeting and …blood doning

Dear all,

you may think thee are unrelated, but read on!

First off, the TAB Group meeting has been postponed from this Friday to monday next week (12 to 1pm), still in B52.

So on Friday instead I suggest to the braver amongst you to go and give blood in the bloodmobile which will be parked outside the department.  More info:

“The National Blood Service Bloodmobile will be parked outside Alfred Denny Building on Friday 20th March 2009 for appointment only blood donor session 9.00am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm – 4.30pm.

Please phone 0845 7 711 711 to book your appointment.

Numbers attending the Bloodmobile have dwindled recently so it would be great to keep this session running by making an extra effort to attend. New donors are welcome.”

So you see, there’s a link! I’ll be heading there around 11am. Feel free to join me!

lab spring clean up 11-12am thursday 19th March

Hi folks- the lab is overdue for a spring clean. This will be between 11-12am on Thursday 19th March. If you use/have used/want to use the lab then you are expected to attend and help 😉

I’ll provide the bubbles!

What is needed is to get rid of as much ‘chaff’ as possible (old solutions, bottles, boxes etc.) and also to clean all lab surfaces. I think this may take about 1 hour to do a good job. If you are not here please can you ensure that you do your bit (let me know and I can provide you with a job that needs to be done).

I’ll email this also.



Note regarding B52 from sue Carter

If you plan to hold meetings in B52 please be aware that only ‘self-catering’ refreshments will be available. A ‘tray service’ will not be possible due to the risks associated with transporting hot liquids over long distances (i.e. Common Room to B52). A kettle and filter machine are already available in B52 and the office staff will provide the necessary supplies. However, as some of these supplies are perishable (e.g. milk), please provide the office with sufficient notice of your meeting so that they can ensure that you have everything you need. Please remember that the water supply in B52 is not suitable for drinking even when boiled. A supply of freshwater will be provided.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Sue (24376)

EGG 2009

Next Meeting EGG 2009 The 53rd meeting of the Ecological Genetics Group (EGG) will take place between 31st March and 2nd April.  It is hosted by the University of Birmingham but will actually be held at the Warwick Conference Centre which is very convenient for all modes of transport. Dr Ellen Decaestecker from the University of Leuven is the guest speaker, whose research into host parasite interactions is well recognised in publications in Nature, American Naturalist and PNAS. Her talk is likely to focus on the ‘Red Queen’ dynamics.  As at all EGG meetings, there will be an afternoon field visit to a local site of ecological and conservation interest.  In 2009 the Centre for Ornithology at the University of Birmingham will host the field trip to Chaddesley Woods National Nature Reserve.  Talks, discussion topics and posters are welcomed from students giving their first presentation, to senior academics presenting completed work.  If you wish to give a paper, poster or present a discussion document please send your abstract (max 200 words) as an attachment by email by 27th February 2009 to Brian Ford-Lloyd; Registration is £280 covering an all-inclusive residential package.  To register and pay electronically visit the University of Birmingham’s Online Shop.  There is no charge for using this facility and is a Thawte secure site. The maximum number is restricted to 70 and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Please register as soon as possible in order not to be disappointed.  Deadline for registration is 20th March 2009. In case of any queries, please contact Brian Ford-Lloyd;

Sequenom presentation (and free lunch)

Hi all,

Sequenom, who produce SNP typing systems and services, are giving a presentation in the Med School on Thursday.
Free lunch and refreshments provided. The talk is at 1230 in Lecture Theatre 3 of the Medical School.
More details can be found here: sqnm_pres_sheffield.doc

10k run

Is anyone interested in doing a 10k run around Chatsworth estate on 31st May? I think I’m going to do it and I’m looking for running buddies.