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Populations Under Pressure workshop

This year’s Populations Under Pressure workshop has been announced at Imperial, for PhD and Post Docs. More detail on the website:

Next group meeting for Terry’s visitors, students and staff

It’s in a week’s time: Friday 6th March, 12 noon in B52.

Any bakers fancying being creative, feel free to bake something!


Molecular Ecology Lab Meeting on Tuesday

This is just a reminder to you all of the upcoming Molecol lab meeting on the Tuesday 3rd March, as if you could forget. Its in B52 from 10-11.

There will be talks from:  Deborah Alongi-Johnson and Richard Black

Also, if anyone has any news please e-mail me and let me know so that I can read it out in front of everyone else.

A Sofa For Paris


 Paris Veltsos, a postdoc from St Andrews is visiting on the 17th of March for a meeting. Does anyone have a spare room or sofa for that night? If you do his e-mail is:



Fees for 4th year PhDs

Hi everyone,

Something I wanted to share with all Sheffield University PhD students and supervisors who are not already aware…

For every month that you go into your 4th year, you will be charged £25 in “bench fees” and you cannot graduate until you have paid this.  You will be presented with this bill when you hand in your thesis to the Research Office.  This came as bit of a nasty shock to some of us, so I wanted everyone to be aware of it.



PhD Scholarship in Climate Change Ecology at Imperial College London

Project: European birds as a model system for predicting epidemiology of epizootic disease.
Supervisor: Prof Ian Owens, Department of Life Sciences.

Click here more more Information.

PhD position on endemic pathogens of wild birds, Lancaster

Supervisors: Dr Ken Wilson, Dr Ian Hartley, Prof Roger Pickup and Dr Glenn Rhodes.

Deadline: 9/3/09

More info here: pgadvertbirdpathogens2009.pdf

Accommodation wanted

Do you know if anyone in the lab has a room spare from 9th March, prob for about 2 months?


Matt Zeale
PhD Research Student
Bat Ecology & Bioacoustics Lab
University of Bristol

Next Ecological genetic Group meeting

The 53rd meeting of the Ecological Genetics Group (EGG) will take place between 31st March and 2nd April.  It is hosted by the University of Birmingham but will actually be held at the Warwick Conference Centre.

Further details can be found at:

Talks, discussion topics and posters are welcomed from students giving their first presentation, to senior academics presenting completed work.  If you wish to give a paper, poster or present a discussion document please send your abstract (max 200 words) as an attachment by email by 27th February 2009 to Brian Ford-Lloyd;

Registration is £280 covering an all-inclusive residential package, plus half-day field visit.  To register and pay electronically visit the University of Birmingham’s Online Shop.  There is no charge for using this facility and is a Thawte secure site.

The maximum number is restricted to 70 and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Please register as soon as possible in order not to be disappointed.  Deadline for registration is 20th March 2009.

Presentation of Nimblegen Sequence Capture Array technology

On Thursday morning (19th February), Marco Rijnen from Nimblegen will visit us to talk about Nimblegen Sequence Capture Array technology. He will give a brief presentation followed by more detailed discussions, at 11am in the Common Room. Everyone is welcome.
If you would like to talk to Marco on a one-to-one basis, please contact me (