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accommodation needed for MGF visitor Eric Lucas

from Monday, for 2weeks.

Please contact Eric on


TAB Group Meeting – Thursday 5 Feb 12, B52

Dear all,

the next group meeting for Terry’s students / staff / visitors is scheduled for next week on Thursday from 12 to 1.30pm, in B52. See you then!

PhD at Bristol

Mark Viney at Bristol has a NERC-funded PhD advertised on life history trade-offs in C elegans.
Details here


Every year we have students visiting the Molecular Ecology Lab as part of the UCAS open day tours.

As part of this, some of us (Katie, Susan, Ian, Emily, Jamie) do several short presentations using the ABI 3730 computer.

Therefore, this is a polite reminder that the ABI 3730 sequencer room is *OUT OF BOUNDS* for loading plates and retrieving data between 2-3pm on the following days:

Tuesday Jan 27th (Tomorrow!)
Tuesday Feb 3rd
Thursday Feb 5th
Tuesday Feb 10th
Thursday Feb 12th
Tuesday Feb 17th
Thursday Feb 19th
Tuesday March 3rd
Tuesday March 10th

PLEASE NOTE: it is fine to have plates running during this time, but make sure that they are loaded BEFORE 2pm. You will have to wait until after 3pm to collect your data.

The Open Day events are run on a very tight schedule and it is important that as little disruption occurs for everyone involved. We would also be very grateful if you keep the entrance to the lab and the sequencer room clear.

Help the Swedish forest

Help to save the Swedish forest,

By following the link below and clicking the green button you will help saving 2.75 square decimetres of Swedish natural forest (sponsors to the page pays). You can make one click per day and computer.



Updating Antivirus software

Hi All,

As a precautionary measure could you please make sure that you occasionally update your antivirus software on your laptops and office desktops. I will keep the lab computers up to date. So far we have had no severe problems with viruses but everyone should be aware of the potential for infection and loss of data. Any important data should be backed up onto lightwood. Any problems with updating software please contact me and i will do what i can to help.



Mol Ecol Lab Meeting: Tues Feb 3rd, 10-11

The next Mol Ecol Lab Meeting will be in B52 between 10 & 11 on Tuesday 3rd Feb.

Carole and Philine will be presenting their work, and Katie will be chairing the meeting.


Morning all

 I am looking for some accomodation for the next 6 months or so. If anybody can help me out, or knows somebody that can, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Flash drives check for viruses

Hi Folks,

Just as a precaution could people check there flash drives for viruses and trojans. These can sometimes be picked up and transfered when used on multiple computers. I checked mine recently and detected a trojan.

The easy way to do it is to plug in flash drive, go to my computer and right click. Click on scan for viruses (this should be visible when using McAfee and possibly other antivirus programs).



Multipette Plus Vs. Distriman

I have an eppendorf Multipette Plus on trail (with some 1ml tips). I see it as being a good alternative to the Distrimans when pipetting out 10ul of F/ROX. If you want to evaluate and compare vs. Distriman then let me know and I’ll show you how to use it.