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Mol Ecol Lab Meeting: Tues 4th Nov

Our next lab meeting will be on Tues 4th Nov, 10:30-11:30am, in B52. Amy & Jess have kindly offered to give the following talks:

Amy Llewellyn – The genetics of male sterility in a grasshopper hybrid zone

Jess Stapley – Linkage disequilibrium in the Zebra Finch

Please email me with any news that you would like the lab to hear about!

Chemical Engineering at the Life Science Interface (ChELSI)

Proteomics workshop 27-28/11/08

Sheffield Bioincubator, hands on practical.

free and open to all, but places are limited.

For further details:

Next TAB Group Meeting – Friday 31/10 10am B52

Dear all,

our next group meeting has been set up for next Friday; please note the earlier time, absolutely appropriate to bringing home baked goodies, hint hint, nudge nudge ūüėČ


lab cleanup- 23rd Oct 11-11.30ish

Hi folks- we are having a lab cleanup on Thursday 23rd Oct (i.e. tomorrow- or today depending on when you read this!). Sorry for the short notice. In case you are confused *everyone* reading this is expected to attend as users or potential users of the lab and give at least 30 minutes helping to clean up etc. (full training and bubbles will be provided although sadly the lemon scented stuff from last time has run out).

If you have planned something else and can’t change it can you ensure that you do your bit before or after.


APS328 Molecular Ecology course – lab tour

The annual Level 3 Molecular Ecology course lab tour will take place 11-12 on Wednesday 5 November. It would be great to have some volunteers to talk about their projects (to save me from press-ganging people). The format would be a 10 minute session or so from 4 or 5 people, given 2 or 3 times depending on how many students turn up.

Please let me know asap if you are willing to do this, with a brief title.


 Roger (

studentship advert – Ping Pigeon, Mauritius, BBSRC

Managing threatened species: Understanding the factors limiting the recovery of the endangered Pink pigeon.

Deadline 21st November 2008. Interviews will be conducted in the 1st week of December.

For more info, refer to the attached document.

Accommodation Wanted for a week

Dear all,

Geetha is back to attend the molecular ecology techniques course from 9th- 14th Nov and is looking for accommodation for that week.  Please contact her on :


TAB Group Meeting – TODAY 11.30 Finlay room

Hi all, a reminder that we are meeting today at 11.30 in the Finlay room.


SOLiD seminar agenda

To view the agenda for the SOLiD seminar click the link.

Lightwood full- please act now

Lightwood is almost full.It is important that you have a look into it *now if possible* and delete any files that you don’t need (particularly large items such as private pictures, 3730 raw data runs that you may have duplicated anyway etc.).

The is quite critical as we have just been told that there is only 4% space left and stuff is being automatically purged.