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Susie’s Viva – Tuesday 12th October!

Dearest lab-mates,

You may already know that next Tuesday is the day of my Viva, and I hope that you all can come to celebrate it with me!

I am hoping to head to the Interval for a well-deserved pint at around 5/6pm and to go out for a meal afterwards, probably for something like noodles or curry depending on the numbers.

So please let me know if you would like to come for dinner by emailing me at by Friday afternoon at the latest. Partners/friends/randomers are very welcome to come along too – the more the merrier!

Thanks 🙂 Susie x

FIFA World Cup: Mol Ecol Sweepstake

Hello again MolEcolers, Lets go for it! I will come round the offices and lab tomorrow – give me a shout if you definitely want to take part and I will come and find you ( ).

There are 32 teams taking part; tournament starts on the 11th June and the final is on the 11th of July.

Entry to the Sweepstake is £2 : £1 will go the the prize pot, the other £1 will go to the UNICEF Unite Againt Aids Campaign, which strives for real and lasting change to protect the rights of children affected by HIV. You can find more information here.


– 1st place: £8
– 2nd place: £5
– 3rd place: £3
– Team with most goals conceded: £5
– Team with FIFA Best Young Player: £2
– FIFA Most Entertaining Team: £2

– Own Goal Prize Pot: £7

Further explanation: If someone on your team scores a goal for the opposite team, then you can win a share of this prize. There has been at least one own goal in every tournament since USA ’94. Anyone who saw Scotland v Brazil in France ’98 can understand that this is a subject very close to my heart… And anyone who saw Japan v England at the weekend knows what the Golden ticket could be 😉


– Teams will be selected by each participant AT RANDOM.
– No complaining if you get DPR Korea or New Zealand!
– First come, first served…
– No money, no team.
– Maximum of two teams per person.
– In the case of several teams tying for a prize, the prize will be divided between the winners accordingly.
– If you draw France, any winnings should go towards buying beer for an Irish person.
– Penalty shoot outs do NOT count towards goals conceded.
– If no own goals are scored during the tournament, the own goal prize pot will be added to our charity donation.

Good luck everyone!!


Alex Roulin – Thursday Evolution and Behaviour seminar

Dear all,

this weeks seminar (Thursday, 18.02.) will be given by Prof. Alex Roulin, from Lausanne University, Zwitzerland. His focus is behavioural and evolutionary biology with main focus on sexual and natural selection, host-parasite interactions, parent-offspring conflict, alloparental care and recently population dynamics. He’s published lots of stuff on melanin plumage ornamentation in owls and other birds.

He’ll be speaking on
Sex-dependent selection on an autosomal melanin-based female ornament: ultimate function and proximal mechanism

If you are interested to meet him on thursday, please let me know and I’ll arrange it. I also thought of going out for a curry that night, if anybody wants to join, please let me know!



Pub/Dancing this Saturday!

Hello MolEcolers,

I will be turning one year older this weekend, so what better way to celebrate then drinking and dancing?

We will go to the Washington from about 8pm (map) and will probably end upgoing the Casbah when we are sufficiently tipsy.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come along, hope to see you there!

Susie 🙂

Lab Christmas dinner! Thursday 17/12 Book by Tuesday 8/12

Dear all,

We have booked the Christmas dinner at the Fulwood Inn this year (30 seats reserved). There’s an offer of two 3-course-meals for £25!

I have put the menu on the white board next to the main entrance in the lab, so please put your name and dinner choice on the list by TUESDAY 8/12 5pm next week; they also require a £5 deposit, so please COME AND FIND ME also by TUESDAY 8/12 5pm in B71 office. This way, Terry can bring over the booking and deposits on his way home.

Thank you!

Saskia’s Leaving Meal – Tonight!

Hello everyone,

You may know that Saskia handed in her thesis on Friday, hurrah! She will be going back to Belgium on Wednesday, so she is organising a leaving do this evening.

Dinner tonight at 7:30pm at Jaflong. (182 Northfield Road in Crookes, if you want to go their directly).

We will meet at the interval before and start to walk there at 7pm.

Saskia will be at the interval around 6pm, if you want to go earlier just gather up the troops.

Please email Saskia if you would like to come for dinner so that she can book a table ( )

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!!


David Gray in Manchester next Tues

Hi all,

my partner Mark and I are thinking of going to see David Gray at the Ritz in Manchester next Tuesday night:

Tickets are £29.50 + £2.95 booking fee + £4.80 one-off transaction fee, and the train is £7.50 one way if we book quickly.

I will probably be taking a train from Sheffield and meeting Mark there, and we’ll drive back to Sheffield after the concert.

Is anyone else a fan and keen to join us? Would be great if you give me an email asap and I’ll get everything booked!

Anna 🙂


Hi all,

we are starting a Hatha yoga class on Saturday afternoons (3-4pm). Classes are open to adults and all levels and you do not have to attend every session. £3 per session.

Our instructor has been teaching for nearly 10 years, both in Poland and Britain.

Location: city centre, Devonshire Green area (opposite the Devonshire Cat and Washington pubs).

If you are interested or would like more info and directions, speak to me!

leaving do

Hi everyone,


After two years and a half in Sheffield and at APS, it is now time for me to leave, moving further south to London and when enough readapted to heat settling down in Montpellier in France. It has been a really great time working and interacting with you and I would like to thank you very much for this. To say goodbye, I was thinking it would be nice to have lunch at the Dam House in Crooke Valley Park this Friday from 12.00 for those who can make it.  Please, let me know if you want to join so that I can book if necessary.

For those of you who will not be very hungry or are more late birds, I will also be at the interval from 17.00 for a drink!


I hope to see you on Friday!




Graduation celebration curry

Since several of us will be graduating on Monday, we are planning to go for drinks (probably at the Interval)  followed by curry at the Mogul Room (Sharrowvale Road), followed by more drinks at the Lescar.  Everyone is welcome and please definitely mention it to anyone else you know who is graduating.  Sign up on the board or email me ( if you would like to come along for the meal and I’ll try to get it booked on friday.  Hope lots of you can make it.