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Accomodation wanted for visitor to Butlin Lab

Alan Hudson is visiting the lab for 6-8 months from the 26th of November. Although, he has already an accomodation for most of his stay, he’s looking for a sparse room anywhere he could be welcomed between the 26th November to 8th of December.
If you have any solution, please let me know at



Accommodation during ESEB meeting

Dear all,

I’m looking for accommodation during the ESEB meeting that takes place at Tübingen this year, which is a very small town. From the ESEB website, it appears that some hotel rooms are still available. Nevertheless, many people from the MolEcol lab and the APS department will go to this meeting, so before I rent a room which is possibly expensive and far from the city centre, I wanted to know if anyone had any better ideas?

Further, if anyone hasn’t yet found accommodation and is interested in finding something other than an hotel room, can you contact me soon (I’m not sure if the hotel rooms will be available for long):


Feedback about FaMoz software

Dear all,

I would like some feedbacks about the FaMoz software for parentage studies (using codominant, dominant or cytoplasmic markers ;

Please, let me know if someone has already used it and is aware about the pros and cons of this software.