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Peri’s leaving do

Hi all,

Tomorrow is my last day in Sheffield. It has been great fun meeting you all. To celebrate/commemorate my departure we should all drink responsibly at the Uni Arms pub at 5pm Friday. I don’t have everyone’s email so please forward this on to fun people!

See you tomorrow!


Invitation to B party

Dear colleagues,
Finally we have overcome the long lasting winter and sunny spell is around us. But if you feel that is not enough and want to burn your youth then come to my special B-party that will change the first digit of my age (don’t ask what the actual one is). The agenda is as follows and please note that there is plenty of time to recover thanks to the bank holiday on 6th.
Date: 3 (Fri) ~ 4th (Sat) April 2013
5:00 pm – assembly at Interval
7:30 pm – dinner at East One in West One
9:30 pm – 80’s Disco at Flares/Reflex, 18 Holly Street, S1 2GT. You need to bring your ID if you don’t want to be kicked off by bouncer (yes I am talking about you Mauricio!)
1:00 am – Drink at some place (TBC).
2:30 pm – meeting at Foyer of APS and head for Graves Park animal house & 9 hole mini golf (clubs provided). Four spare seats in my car and free driving are provided on first come first served basis so please leave me the message if you want to come and also tell me if you have car and want to provide riding.
6:00 pm – Cherry tree pub at Carter Knowle Road (no riding provided from this point)

Hope all of you survive and meet at summit!

Kang-Wook (07982905116 plus two)

Accommodation wanted!!

Does anyone have/know a room for short term rent (a month?) starting from 21st Jan. before Jon’s new PostDoc can find a new flat? Alternatively, one-bedroom flat that is close to University and immediatley available would be helpful. Please leave me a message if you have any information.

Kang-Wook (

Friday night fever !!!

For those of you who need an excuse for a drink, I have very nice one. My graduation!!! At Interval starting from 5:30 today (20/07) (I didn’t mention the ending time…). I will let the mood lead us but it is very likely that it will end up with disco… see you and be prepared for photo time with me


R U guys ready 4 my VIVA (=Disco party) ?!!!

I will have VIVA on 27th Jan. Friday, which means a disco party…yeah!
My plan is
5:00pm ~ : Interval
7:30pm ~ : East one (13 The Plaza, West One, 8 Fitzwilliam Street, S1 4JB)
9:30pm ~ : Reflex (18 Holly Street, S1 2GT)
3:00am ~ : Home
Every one who knows me is welcome.
Every one who does not know me is also welcome.


Mol. Ecol. Lab. Meeting time change !!!

Dear all,

Terry said he might be wee bit late. And there will be only one speaker.

So let’s start it at 10:20 same day, same place



Mol. Ecol. Lab. Meeting Next Tuesday

Dear all,

I will give a talk about the most important finding since Darwin (well at least for me ^^;) on next Tuesday (10am. B52. 02/08) with the title  “Black or Red: Past, present and the future of the genetic colour polymorphism in the Gouldian finch”. So please feel free to invite your friends and familiy and be prepared to ask nasty questions. I am practicing this for the ESEB presentation so the more and the harder questions would be helpful for me as I heard that ESEB meeting would not be that student friendly.



I’m back


Finally I’m back.

It was an Odyssey home.

There are Korean sweets available at locker room from 10:30 am. Help yourself. (but you have to hurry!)


Graduate seminar – Kang-Wook

Hello everyone!

I will give a very interesting and controversial talk (hopefully) at graduate seminar this Tuesday (2/2)in BLT1 at 1:oopm. Please show me your support by attending at the seminar.

The title is “Genetic basis of colour polymorphism of the Gouldian finch – Identification of an assortment trait locus by Fis scanning”

All critical and nasty questions are wellcomed very much.


vacancy for a PhD-position

The research groups Animal Ecology and Microbial Ecology of the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Studies (University of Groningen) have a vacancy for a PhD-position:

Project “How microbes shape bird eggs: matching pathogen risk and protection”

Microbes are everywhere. On birds, in birds, and around birds. Birds and eggs need to protect themselves from pathogenic influences, but may also benefit from the microbial communities that they house. This project explores how environmental conditions shape variation in microbial communities and thereby have evolutionary consequences for the protective systems of birds against microbes. We use the egg-nest unit as a simple model system to study the association between microbial communities (of the nest environment) and antimicrobial defenses (of the eggs). Inside an egg, invading microbes encounter a nutrient-rich environment. To protect the developing embryo from infection and death the egg employs antimicrobial defenses. When compared with the complex immune system of birds, the antimicrobial defense of eggs is simple. It consists of physical barriers (shell and membrane) and a chemical defense composed of several antimicrobial proteins. The project consists of two parts: 1. experimentally manipulating the nest microbial community and looking at effects on the antimicrobial defenses of eggs in captive birds, and 2. performing a comparative study on eggs of wild birds across a range of environmental conditions. Molecular tools from microbial ecology as well as immunological assays will need to be further developed and fine-tuned for this bird-project. This project fits in a larger research program focused on understanding how environmental pathogen pressure and avian immune defenses interact and vary across space and time.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and broad-minded candidate interested in integrating microbial and animal ecology. Ideally, you are a microbial ecologist with a passion for birds, or an animal ecologist with a special interest in microbes. A background in veterinary or animal science is also possible. You have experience with microbiological and biochemical laboratory work. Affinity with work on birds, in captivity and in the field, will be an advantage.

For more information please contact Dr. Irene Tieleman or Dr. Joana Salles (, or check:

Conditions of employment
The University of Groningen offers a PhD-fellowship (ca. €1600 per month) for a period of four years that should be completed with the defense of a PhD-dissertation. After one year, the performance of the candidate will be evaluated to decide whether there is sufficient progress to expect a successful completion of the PhD-thesis within the remaining three years. A training program is part of the PhD-trajectory. You and your supervisors will design a plan for additional education and supervision tailored to your specific needs. Your supervisors will be Dr. B. Irene Tieleman and Dr. Joana F. Salles.

Applicants should send a 1-page statement of research interests, motivation for this project and academic/professional goals; a complete CV; copies of publications; and names and contact information of two referees who can supply letters of recommendation upon our request.

Please send applications by email before 15 October 2009 to:
Dr. B. Irene Tieleman (, please mention MICROBIRD in the subject.