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I will be leaving Sheffield and move back to Uppsala, Sweden by the end of next week. To highlight the occation I was thinking about going for a pub lunch at the Dam House on Wednesday (20th). If you are interested in joining, please let me know on Monday morning at the latest (so that I can book a table).

/Robert (

Garage Sale

As previously posted we will have a little garage sale to try and get rid of a few things before we move back to Sweden.

Time: Sunday 17 January 10AM – 2PM

Place 19 Orchard Road (S6 3TS, just behind the Walkley Netto store)

A picture with some of the stuff on sale is attached. Please feel free to spread the word!


Garage Sale

We will soon be moving and want to get rid of some of our stuff. Everyone is therefore invited to (also feel free to spread the word):

Garage SaleSunday 17 January 10AM – 2PM19 Orchard Road (behind the Walkley Netto store)Book cases, Toys, Electronics, Buggy board, Sand pit, Clothes, Books, Nursing table Very welcome!

old phones

Dear all,

Do you have an old and/or broken mobile phone that you want to give away for charity. I’m currently collecting these for my sons school. Let me know tomorrow or by thursday at the latest if you are interested.


Vacuum cleaner

Hello, has anyone got a spare vacuum cleaner? I would like to borrow, rent or by one.Cheers


Help the Swedish forest

Help to save the Swedish forest,

By following the link below and clicking the green button you will help saving 2.75 square decimetres of Swedish natural forest (sponsors to the page pays). You can make one click per day and computer.