Christmas dinner & Secret Santa

This years Chirstmas dinner will be on the 22nd Dec 12.30 at Bungalows and Bears on Division Street. Hopefully you have recieved an email about it and the menu. If not, please contact Natalie (or Debs) in B54a.

Secret Santa gifts will be exchanged at the meal for those who wish to play.

Please let Natalie know if you want to play Secret Santa (ideally when you let her know what you want to eat). If you cant make the meal you are still very welcome to play Secret Santa.

For those who havent played before we buy a small gift (max cost 5 pound) for someone from the lab. The person recieving the gift is selected by picking a name out of a hat without looking.The gift should be something nice to suit the person you pick or sometimes gifts are a nice fun/joke gift. The names are pulled out of a hat at random and the identity of the person who bought the gift is kept secret.

You can have one “swop” of the name – in case you dont know the person well.

Natalie (or I) will bring the hat of names around on Friday at the latest and the gifts will be handed out by Santa at the xmas meal.


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