computer viruses- read and act!

Dear All (Stuart Pearce writes)*_All Windows users – Non Managed Desktops._*We are experiencing a significant number of virus problems at present, it is *imperative *that both *Windows updates* are regularly installed and *Anti-Virus software* is installed and kept updated.
Both of these processes are fully automatic when installed and the initial install is fairly painless!*

_Windows Updates_*In Windows XP, if updates are waiting to be installed it shows as a yellow shield in the Notification area or System Tray (bottom right of screen), other Windows versions, Vista and 7, have different symbols. When the mouse pointer is placed over the symbol it will say ‘updates’.

To install you can follow the link below:- From there you do an update check, download the latest updates and turn on Automatic updates if they are not on, so your PC prompts you when they are due.

*_Anti-Virus Software_*

Also ensure that anti-virus software program is up to date and installed, probably the best is Microsoft Essentials available from their website (below). If you already have Anti-virus software that you are happy with just keep it up to date.

Any difficulties please contact me or Steve Fletcher(24713, s.fletcher@shef)

Thanks- Stuart(24720, s.l.pearce@shef)

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