lab move/clean-up Monday 13th 10am-1pm

Hi all- we are having B67 lab removal and general clear-up from 10am-1pm on Monday 13th. The aim of this is to completely clear B67 and to assimilate everyone from there into B71, B73 and office spaces aswell as spruce the lab up 🙂 Can I ask that you all attend- even ‘office’ workers (please don’t plan to do any lab work for that time).

The plan is to

1) clear and clean your own bench/office space.

2) throw away anything that you don’t need.

3) do a  ‘normal clean’ of communal areas plus clearing stuff out of cupboards.

4) lend a hand to move stuff from B67 (any large things we can leave and get help later from John Shutt and maybe store elsewhere).

If you are not going to be here can you let me know and I’ll find you a job to do beforehand 🙂

Thanks in advance,


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