Real-time PCR machine (Rotor-Gene 6000)

Please have a look at the Real-time PCR machine that it is possible Roger may jointly purchase. Amy and I have seen a demo of it and the software and are pretty impressed (it also comes in a choice of colours outback red or bondi blue- which I think is really nice as most PCR machines do look a bit boring). …..Anyway…. the samples rotate in an oven and the well-to-well temp. variation is apparently 0.01degree whereas this can be 0.5degree on a normal 96-well block. It will also do HRM analysis and also allow multiplex reactions (2 colours c£24K and 5 colours c£30K).

 The only downside I can see is that it is not 96-well compatible (so would have to weigh up whether the loading could be done manually or via a robot c£19K). This may be a pain if you want to run 100’s of samples.

The link is below for those interested in having a  say (Julie Scholes is probably going to get one and the question would be whether we chip in and share it).

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