reduced autoclaving 20th Aug-20th Sept

…just to let you know that there will probably be reduced autoclaving capacity b/w these 2 dates (we will all ensure the store of tips is max. in the week beginning 16th Aug). I have been looking into whether autoclaving is really necessary and have come to the conclusion that on balance it is and I think we should continue to autoclave (to reduce growths of fungi/bacteria in your solutions but it does not destroy all DNA so don’t think that tips/solutions that have been autoclaved are DNA free- they may not be). See below if you are interested ‘Ancient’/LCN people be very afraid 🙂 

“Currently, the most effective method for decontamination appears to be autoclaving. Under standard conditions for autoclaving, DNA molecules are degraded into fragments of 20 to 30 base pairs. However, recent investigations with highly sensitive PCR analysis demonstrate that even after autoclaving larger DNA fragments can persist.”

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