Call for workshops for the Faculty Small Science and Art festival, 29th and 30th June, 29-30/06, Octagon

The festival will deliver a series of short science workshops (15-20 min) aimed at 11 years old pupils who will later explore the science presented through creative workshops (theatre, drama , dance, creative writing).

The workshops need to be related to research aimed at developing new forms of energy and will be be delivered twice on each morning. The workshops will be delivered to a group of 15 pupils enabling a good level of interaction with pupils and possibilities of hands-on activities. Ideally the 20 minutes would comprise a small 5-10 min introduction followed by an activity/hands-on/demo.

The range of topics that could be covered during the workshop is wide:
– the basic working of the sun/ solar system
– photosynthesis, enhancing photosynthesis…
– new forms of energy exploiting solar energy
– synthetic biology to develop energy producing microorganisms…
– climate change

We really need your help to make this event a success!

Sandrine Soubes, Postgraduate Training coordinator, x24220

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