Leaving do, next Thursday 25 Feb

After all these years¬† it is now time for me to pack up sadly and move on in Sheffield. I’m flying out to Boston on Sunday, 28th.

This is a great excuse for a night out next Thursday starting in the interval at 6 pm followed by a dinner at “Zeugma” around 8 pm, the Turkish Restaurant in London Road. If you can make it for the dinner please let me know until next Tuesday that I can book a table.

And because I left already so many times before (and collected lots of good-bye-presents),  this time there is no need for any more pressies!

However, if you feel that you want to do something good this month you can donate some coins to ‘100 pasos’ charity that is working with street kids I worked for in Bolivia in 2002 before I came to Britain. The kids are working in the streets of El Alto as shoe cleaners or street vendors and are at high risk to become drug addicts. ‘100 pasos’ encourages them to save some of their money for their future instead of spending it immediately on sweets and computer games. They also help with school reintegration, family problems etc and work with those who have problems with drugs (mainly glue sniffing).

The administration of the organisation is run by volunteers as me, so all money goes directly into the street work in Bolivia.

You can find more info at www.100pasos.de (in German).

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