UCAS Open Day: Thursday 11th Feb 2-3pm


Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be doing a UCAS demonstration in the Mol Ecol Lab, lasting for about 1 hour. This will be at the central entrance to the lab and I will need access to the sequencer room at this time.

It will get really busy, so can I please please ask that you collect the plates/tips/septa/pipettes you need BEFORE 2pm tomorrow. The sequencer will be OUT OF BOUNDS during this time, so please load your plates before 2pm or after 3pm.

I get a bit nervous about this, so the usual rules apply or face my wrath… in particular, don’t barge through the group and don’t vortex loads of tubes on a machine 1 metre away from the talk like the BeadExpress man dared to do… or prepare to be scowled at. Severely.

Thanks for your understanding!

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