RapidWeaver licence for just £17.23

This is for Mac users only who have the Leopard OS on their machine,

If you want to/have to create a webpage, then RapidWeaver is a very easy to use program that let’s you make great looking webpages in literally a few minutes.

So, I am not paid by the Realcom Software company, but I thought if one licence costs £52.76, but 5 licences cost just £86.15, then five people could have the program for just £17.23.

Please email me asap if you are interested: c.kerth@shef.ac.uk

As soon as I have two interested persons, I will buy the 5 licences package and give them away for £17.23 each.


Btw, my condolences to everyone who had to fight with KompoZer.

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