Biological Waste Training

Charlotte Winnert, the Environment Officer, is concerned about the low numbers of APS staff that have taken and completed a course in Biological Waste Training, especially as the new biological waste system has been in place for 18 months now. She has now implemented a non-compliance order. It is now vital to ensure that those working in APS labs either attend the briefing session that Charlotte and Maggi Killion are running, or to complete the on-line training session by the end of March if they have not already completed such training. Charlotte Winnert wants 90% of lab workers who generate biological waste to have attended the course or to have completed the on-line training. This also includes academics who supervise such lab work. The alternative may be that you are prevented from working in the labs. However, if your work is always non-lab-based please let Maggi Killion know so that she can update her records (and thereby increase our compliance). Two short courses have been organised (each taking a maximum of an hour):  Thursday 4th Feb, 2.30pm in the Common RoomWednesday 10th Feb, 2.30pm in the Common Room As space is limited, please Email Maggi (via Andy?) to let her know which session you will attend. The alternative is to do the on-line training at (use your CiCS username and password), but this may well take you longer to do.

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