Goodbye everyone!

Hi everyone from the Molecol lab,

I' d like to say goodbye to everyone, because I am leaving Sheffield tomorrow.
Actually I wanted to have little cake for you to say goodbye, but unfortunately
this is not possible anymore.My early departure was not the plan. A guy stole my
purse on a train on Friday. It contained, amongst other things, my ID card which
I need to leave England for Christmas. So I need to go the embassy in London to
get a temporary visa. I will be around on monday morning just for collecting some
stuff from the lab. If we don' t see us anymore, have a fantastic Christmas and a
happy new year! I enjoyed the time in this lab so much! Thanks for all your help
and friendlyness! I am sure I' ll be seeing you every now and then somewhere in the
department (or maybe in the pub ;)).

Cheers Kristina  :) 

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