Postdoc in Vienna

A postdoctoral position is available, for field research into the population genetics of Antirrhinum (snapdragon). The project focusses on a hybrid zone in the Pyrenees, between subspecies that differ in flower colour: plants in the hybrid population have been genotyped for major genes that determine flower pattern, and for large numbers of SNPs that allow the pedigree to be determined over multiple generations. The aim is to find why the subspecies remain distinct, and how they diverged from each other, and more generally, to use this long-term study to understand the interplay between selection and population structure in nature.

This is a joint project between Nick Barton, at the Institute of Science and Technology, Austria ( , David Field, at the University of Vienna (, and Enrico Coen, at the John Innes Institute in Norwich ( The postdoc would be based at IST; she/he would be involved in fieldwork and analysis of genetic data.
The Institute of Science and Technology is a new multidisciplinary research institute, located in the Wienerwald, just outside Vienna ( There are close links with other population genetics groups in the Vienna area (

The position will be available for two years in the first instance, but with the possibility of extension; the salary scale starts at €51K p.a. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in a relevant area, with good quantitative skills, and an interest in evolutionary biology. For further details, please contact Applications should be sent by February 23rd, and should include a CV, a statement of research interests, and names of referees.

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