Kenta’s multiplex paper

sent on behalf of Terry, following on last Fridays’s TAB group meeting.

Attached are the proofs for Kenta et al’s multiplex SNP-Scale paper. (A few typos are not corrected.)

The paper includes a number of techniques (not all necessarily original) that may be of wider interest beyond the SNP studies that it focuses on, for example:
The use of 2-ul PCR volumes – it should be a useful source reference for this.UFOs – Universal Fluorescent Oligonucleotides – these might be worth considering as an economical way of generating primers to use in the otherwise expensive ABI 5-dye set, or as a way of easily altering the dye attached to each primer when creating new multiplexes (no need to re-order primers).

PCR trouble shooting, including:

Use of Touchdown PCR program

Use of primer “weights” to adjust product sizes


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