Sheffield R workshops

There are a couple of R workshops being run by the Sheffield Bioinformatics Core over the coming weeks. Details:

1. Intro to R
The Sheffield Bioinformatics Core is a new Core Facility at The University of Sheffield providing an analysis and consulting service to all departments and will also offer a program of training courses

The first of these courses will take place on Thursday 7th December  when we will introduce the R programming language and it’s application to biological data via the Bioconductor project. No previous experience with R is require to attend this course and it is open to all staff and students.
To book your place, please go to:-

2. Intermediate R course

On Friday 15 December we will be holding a one-day workshop on Data Manipulation and Visualisation in R.

This workshop will introduce some new additions to the R statistical language that ease the crucial process of manipulating and preparing data for analysis. We will also introduce the popular ggplot2 package for producing publication-quality graphics.

The workshop is being hosted by the Sheffield Bioinformatics Core, a new Core Facility at the University of Sheffield. However, no biological knowledge will be assumed and the materials should be accessible to all with some basic familiarity with R.

There is a small fee of £60 for attending the course. Please use this link to sign-up

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