Save Smithy Wood!

Join our peaceful protest on Saturday 18 March, 11.30am, outside Sheffield Town Hall.

We are once again calling on the people of Sheffield and Rotherham to help us save this ancient bluebell woodland from becoming a Motorway Service Area with fast food court, hotel and car park.

A decision will be made by Sheffield City Council on 28 March and we want to ask them loud and clear to refuse this inappropriate, opportunistic planning application that has received an unprecedented 1,023 objections!

How can you help?

1. Come along to the Town Hall on Saturday 18 March from 11.30am-12.30pm and join our peaceful protest! The programme is currently being developed but we can confirm Angela Smith MP will be one of the speakers.

2. Write to your local councillor – they will make the decision! Follow our instructions at

3. Share this post! We need as many local people as possible to come along to our peaceful protest and contact their local councillor.

Let’s see Smithy Wood become a natural, green haven for local people and wildlife rather than tarmacked over to become a car park! You can still make a difference if you act now…

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