TAB group round table first meeting – tomorrow Friday 25/07 11am B52

***please note the change of time!***

You should attend if your supervisor is Terry, whether you are a member of staff or student or an MGF visitor.

Here is some more information about the new “TAB” group meetings, the first of which will be at 11.00 on Friday in B52.

The aim is to improve communication in the group and to simplify the arrangements for specific research project meetings, the organisation of which has sometimes become unduly complicated. It also means that we can have days when we expect most people (especially me!) to be available. We will  start with a reasonably fast moving “round table” discussion. The idea of this is that each person will say what they are currently working on (at least at this first meeting in this format), what they have achieved since the last meeting (on this first occasion this will be what you have done since you last had a chat with me, but usually it would be the last 2 weeks), and what they are planning to do next. Please be prepared to spend about 5 min or so on this  verbal report on this first occasion. I expect that everyone in the lab will have something to contribute (from postdocs to summer students). This is an opportunity to identify needs and share problems. After you have made your report we will agree, as necessary, to meet up for a more detailed discussion later in the day, and to include other members of the group as appropriate. This should greatly simplify the business of organising these progress meetings, and mean that we can keep them as short or long as necessary. Of course, if we do need to arrange to get together on a different day we can do that too.

We will probably mutually arrange for some short presentations where they would be useful, particularly so that everyone can see the data or results that are being discussed (could even be a single slide or sheet of paper). However, the Molecular Ecology lab (MEL) meetings will also continue (once an organiser has been volunteered!) so anything of broader interest should be shown there, and we don’t want to replicate that. Similarly, any information relevant to the whole lab should be saved for the MEL meetings.

We will try to plan the dates of the meetings well in advance. If however you really cannot be there, then I would like you to put the report you would have given verbally into an email to me. Of course, in any case you may find it helpful to put some information on paper to pass round the table.

You may have noticed that at the moment I am planning to have these round tables about every 2 weeks, and also that we have a separate session planned for the MGF staff (Debs, Gavin, Alain and Celine) and MGF visitors in the intervening week. I am inviting everyone including the MGF visitors to this first round table, but not planning to have individual discussions with MGF visitors until the end of next week (again, as required). However, I think it would be mutually helpful for the residents and visitors to hear what everyone else is doing.

Some people have multiple academic supervisors and it is not intended that they will have any more meetings than before (except possibly for the round table).



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