CICS Courses on Research Computing

From: Research Computing Group <>

Date: 24 September 2009 21:01:07 BST


Subject: CICS Courses on Research Computing


Corporate Information and Computing Services provide a range of training courses enabling researchers to use high performance and grid computing facilities at local, regional and national levels.

A number of courses are available covering the following areas:

* Getting started with High Performance Grid Computing
* Application development using C, FORTRAN or Matlab
* Advanced High Performance Computing
* Data Visualisation

Full timetables and details for the courses may be found at:

To register for courses please go to the following web page

Subject to availability the courses are open to all researchers. Optionally, graduate researchers may register for courses through the Research Training Programme and gain credits for their research degrees.

Please forward this e-mail to new researchers in your department who may find this training useful.

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