Mol Ecol Meeting 2nd Feb

The first Molecular Ecology lab meeting of 2016 will take place on Tuesday February 2nd at 11:30 am in the common room, D floor, Alfred Denny Building. This month we will hear from Issie Winney and Mirre Simons.

Issie will speak about The heritability of promiscuous behaviour

“Males and females of many species mate promiscuously, i.e. with multiple partners. Controversy exists over whether mating promiscuously is beneficial for both sexes, since growing empirical evidence suggests that females can suffer costs from multiple mating without receiving fitness benefits. My research uses a pedigreed population of wild house sparrows to test whether sexually antagonistic selection might be the cause: one sex driving evolution of the other sex through a common genotype.”

Mirre will speak about Understanding the biology of ageing through the demography of death

“The biology of ageing is crucial to understanding life-history trade-offs and has clear biomedical relevance. Studying the actual physiology of ageing is however notoriously difficult. A solution is to study the ultimate consequence of ageing: death. How mortality changes with age is as close as we can currently get to the elusive physiology of ageing. I will explain why I choose to study this phenotype and will show you recent work on this topic from three meta-analyses and my future plans using flies.”

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