Lab Meeting: December 1st, 11:30pm, Common Room

The next Molecular Ecology lab meeting will take place on December 1st at 11:30am in the Common Room. D floor, Alfred Denny Building. This month we will hear from Anna Krystalli and Malika Ihle.

Anna will present “Don’t just sit there, interact!: Building interactive exploratory data apps with shiny and plotly in R”

Malika will present “The fitness benefits of love”

Her PhD research has focused on testing whether there is any kind of mate choice for genetic compatibility: do females avoid breeding with their siblings? Do they choose genetically compatible males with whom they do not get a high rate of embryo mortality? Or can they compensate any genetic incompatibility with their partner by engaging in extra-pair copulation? Additionally or alternatively, do they choose behaviorally compatible males with whom they are better able to raise chicks?

She will present here only one of the experiments she ran during her PhD: a four year experiment recently published in PLoS Biology and entitled ‘the fitness benefits of mate choice for compatibility in a socially monogamous species’.

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