Lab Meeting: November 3rd, 11:30am, Common Room

Dear all,

The next Molecular Ecology Lab meeting will take place on November 3rd at 11:30am in the Common Room, D floor, Alfred Denny Building. This month we will hear from Anja Westram and Alex Ball.

Anja will present: “Genomics of divergence between Littorina populations and species”

And Alex will be speaking about “The ‘costs’ of avian sperm production”

His project aims to quantify the energetic costs of producing sperm and decipher how these may vary between species. Sperm has previously been thought of as a cheap commodity in comparison to eggs, and thus its costs have received little attention. Alex will describe some of the methods being used by Tim Birkhead’s lab to answer these questions.

See you on Tuesday!

All the best,

Emma and Natalie

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