our competition blogs – Celine, Susie, Caspar

Dear all,

as you may know, we are off to the land of the rising sun for our aikido world championships. We have set up 2 blogs, so that you can follow our progress:

Caspar and Susie, British Universities Team: http://saukuniversitiesteam.blogspot.com/

Celine, Shodokan Aikido UK main team: http://sauk-team09.blogspot.com/

This international aikido tournament is held in Japan every 4 years, and gathers aikidoka from all over the world, so it’s a big thing for us! What is so special this year is that the event will mark theĀ  20th anniversary of the death our founder, Professor Kenji Tomiki (Professor at Waseda University). To celebrate this, the Japan Aikido Association (JAA) has decided to host the tournament in Kyoto, a truly magical place!

So, catch the pictures of use training in Hong Kong and Macau (7-18th Sept) and then competing in the traditional Kyubutokuden dojo (20-23rd Sept)!

See you when we get back, hopefully all in one piece!

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