Genomics of speciation in nightingales

I am offering a postdoc position in my lab on „Genomics of speciation
in nightingales“, and I would be grateful if you could pass the
advertisement along to any students or postdocs in your department who
might be interested.

More information about the postion is available at:

Application deadline is alredy on 21thAugust 2015!

Thank you very much!

With best regards,


— RNDr. Radka Reifová, Ph.D. Phone: +420 221 95 1872 E-mail:, Web page: Department of Zoology Charles University in Prague Faculty of Science Vini?ná 7, 128 43 Praha 2 Katedra zoologie Univerzita Karlova v Praze P?írodov?decká fakulta Vini?ná 7, 128 43 Praha 2

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