Lab news:

Congratulations to Arnaud Bataille, who’s recently published some of his work
studying mosquitoes in Galapagos has had a lot of publicity.

A. Bataille, A. A. Cunningham, V. Cedeño, L. Patiño, A. Constantinou, L.D.
Kramer and S.J. Goodman. 2009. Natural colonization and adaptation of a
mosquito species in Galápagos and its implications for disease threats to
endemic wildlife. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, published
online 2 June 2009.

Arnauds work has been highlighted on NERCs website Planet Earth, ZSL Institute
of Zoology website and the

Congratulations are also due to Mathias Craul and Akos Klein who successfully
defended their theses in June:

Klein A. (2009) PhD Thesis (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary) The possible
effects of extreme winters on the barn owl (Tyto alba Scop., 1769) population
in Hungary: survival, physiology and population genetics.

Craul M. (2009) PhD Thesis (University of Cardiff / Leibniz Universitaet
Hanover, Germany) Molecular phylogenetics and conservation genetics of sportive lemurs (Lepilemur edwardsi) in northwestern Madagascar.

David Martin-Galvez, Akos and Michelle Simeoni all had their primer notes
published online and Jim Groombridge and Richard Phillips also published
Facility-supported work this month.


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