Running GeneMapper on Macs!!!

Jess has sussed out a way of running GeneMapper on Macs (something many of us thought impossible)…Mihaly has just successfully installed it on his

Jess said 

“I use windows emulation software on my MAC. Since all the platforms run on INTEL chips you can run mac, linux, and windows all on one machine. I use a program called VMware Fusion. There are others – Bootcamp and Parrallels – but I like this VMware the most because you don’t need to reboot your computer to open windows.  Once Windows OS is installed you can install any windows program, including genemapper. I have Windows XP discs, I am not sure how well VISTA works on VMware. ”

Mihaly said
“I set up XP on my Mac, and it seems to work fine.
At the moment I run Fusion on the free version, but I will buy a licence. To set it up is and run Xp is easy, I chose shared files option, since mirror option doubles the files on the computer. RAM is recommended to be 1 G at least, this you can adjust afterwards as well. It is also recommended to set the CD drive (D:) for the virtual machine, this way you can install Genemapper.”

One response to “Running GeneMapper on Macs!!!

  1. It’s possible that Genemapper may not run perfectly under windows emulation software on a mac. Johan had some unusual glitches/crashes when he was doing this and it also seemed to be pretty slow (he was using VMware Fusion I think). Better/more stable performance might be had by running GM on windows under bootcamp. If I install GM onto my mac, I’ll probably go for this option. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

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