Population genomics of the thornback ray (Raja clavata), using RAD sequencing

A 18 months Post-Doc is proposed within the frame of the GenoPopTaille ANR project, to perform a population genomics study of the thornback ray, Raja clavata. The GenoPopTaille consortium consists in the collaboration of the EMH, HGS and LGPMM Ifremer laboratories (Nantes, La Tremblade), and the LEMAR (UMR 6439, University of Western Brittany).

Profile of the candidate: The candidate must have a strong background in RAD sequencing and bioinformatics.
Expected starting date: no later than March 1st, 2015.
Contacts: Sylvie Lapègue (sylvie.lapegue@ifremer.fr; LGPMM, Ifremer La Tremblade), Grégory Charrier (gregory.charrier@univ-brest.fr; LEMAR, University of Wester Brittany)

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