Message from Conservation Genetics journal

Dear All,

just an update on how things are progressing with Conservation Genetics in our 10th year.  As you may have seen, we’ve now separated the technical papers into their own new journal: Conservation Genetics Resources.
The main objectives of the new journal are to:

  • Focus on the problems and species which are of concern to conservation biologists and managers
  • Provide a forum for exchanging resources which support research in conservation genetics (including primer notes, but with a broader remit than that)
  • Provide a forum for reporting on the practical incorporation of genetic data into the development of management practice and conservation policy

You can find more detail on the new journal’s website:

This move allows Conservation Genetics to focus more exclusively on full studies and applications, though we’ll retain Short Communication and Review paper formats.  Our impact is steadily improving (IF=2.4 for 2008), and we expect that our change in focus will help increase that further, as was the experience at
Molecular Ecology.  A new feature that we’re introducing this year is the inclusion of special issues, with a target of including one of these every 1-2 years.  The first will be published early in 2010, based around the final meeting of the EU ConGen program with an excellent set of invited authors.
Overall the journal is progressing very well, and we look forward to year 11!
Thanks to all of you for your input and support over the years.

Best, Rus

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