Lab meeting tomorrow – 1st July, 11:30 am, common room

Dear all,

Please remember our next lab meeting tomorrow Tuesday 1st July at 11:30 am in the common room. There will be two speakers:

Isabel Winney. ‘Sex-specific investment strategies and personality?’
Michael Stocks. ‘The genomics of male mating behaviour in Ruff’

Available dates to give talks are the following:
October 7th
November 4th
December 2nd

Reminder: Everyone is expected to give a talk about their research at some point. I encourage especially those who:

have never presented at these meetings
have recently joined the lab
know will leave soon

Any plans and/or progress that you may wish to share is perfectly acceptable, you don’t need to have already finished your project and have stunning results. Please contact me should you wish to present.



Mauricio Montaño-Rendón

PhD Student
Animal and Plant Sciences
University of Sheffield

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