A guide to writing with others (from Jess)

A guide to writing with others
Do you write collaboratively? Do you want to find out how to write more effectively with your collaborators and students? Then this is the event for you. Next monday we are hosting a mini-workshop to explore the challenges of writing multi-author papers, and to look at ways we can avoid common pitfalls of collaborative writing.
The workshop is being lead by an internationally recognised writing consultant, Dr. Iain Pattern who has over ten years experience helping scientists to improve their written communication (see below for more details).
The workshop would be valuable to researchers of all stages, and all staff and students are welcome to attend.
We will provide coffee and cake during the workshop. If you would like attend please register by emailing Zoe Dunsiger (z.dunsiger@sheffield.ac.uk)
Pain-free paper writing – Developing your strategic skills for publication within research groups

When: Monday June 9th at 2.30-5 pm

Where: Alfred Denny Building meeting room A225 – BMS conference room

Writing with others – dealing with the challenge of multi-author publication
Research is typically a collaborative activity.  This mini-workshop will explore the challenges of writing in multi-author groups and look at how we can avoid some of the pitfalls that authors commonly face. Based on an understanding of the writing process and how it can be managed in groups, participants will consider the wider implications for how we approach research in groups and how we interact effectively with colleagues and collaborators throughout the research process.
The seminar covers material on effective writing in general and then looks at how to achieve that in multi-author groups. We look at insights from research on the writing process and what they tell us about effective writing in groups. We also look at publication ethics and the implications for group authorship.

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