Next meeting: May 6th, 11:30 am, Common Room

Dear all,

Our next lab meeting will be on Tuesday 6th May at 11:30 am at the Common Room. Venue had to be changed due to works being carried out in room B52, and therefore time had to be adjusted to avoid clashing with departmental coffee break.

Next week Rachel Williams will present her talk entitled “Conservation Genetics of an Ancient Cephalopod”. Although L4 talks take place on the same day, Rachel would greatly appreciate feedback on her new results, reason why the meeting was not postponed.

Please let me know if you want to give a talk on one of the following available dates:
June 3rd
August 5th
September 2nd
October 7th
November 4th
December 2nd


Mauricio Montaño-Rendón


IF there are new members in your group that need to be added to the email list please let me know.

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