Come to NZ!

Hi everyone!

I am missing you all and very keen to keep up collaborations with the Mol Ecol Lab. So, if you are thinking about your next step please consider collaborating with me in Auckland, perhaps by
-applying for a fellowship e.g. Marie Curie (we can make a good case for e.g. NZ offering excellent learning opportunities in quantitative genetics)
-applying for some money for a short term visit (e.g.,, or from UK institutions such as the Royal Society
-stopping by after a conference “nearby”
-thinking about PhD studies abroad (e.g. Commonwealth scholarships are likely to be offered to UK citizens wanting to come to NZ, see, Auckland offers PhD scholarships open to international students:

I am currently developing projects working with some wonderful NZ species including hihi and Stewart Island robin – in particular, I am very interested in the genetic basis of quantitative traits in these populations and how this might constrain the adaptive response of the species e.g. in response to climate change.

Please pass on my contact details to any postdocs or students who might be interested in collaborating and we can investigate funding opportunities together.

Anna Santure

P.S. It goes without saying that social visits are welcome any time!

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