Ecology, Evolution and Environment Seminar Series

Ecology, Evolution and Environment Seminar Series
Wednesday 1pm in the APS Common Room
The EEE seminar series has restarted and we have an exciting line up external and internal speakers. Please join us this wednesday at 1pm for a talk by Natalie Cooper from Dublin entitled “Dying without wings: ecological correlates of lifespan variation in mammals and birds.”
Everyone is welcome, please encourage your students, postdocs and colleagues to attend.
To find out more about the seminars and stay up to date with the program you can either subscribe to the mailing list, add the EEE seminar series to your Google Calendar or visit the calendar website. Instructions are below.
If you would like to give a seminar or nominate an external speaker (within the UK) please email one of the series organisers
Jessica Stapley (
How to stay up to date
If you would like to receive a weekly reminder of the upcoming talk please sign up to the mailing list at..

If you would like the information about the seminars to appear in your calendar than add the EEE seminar series calendar to your Google calendar.
To do this log into Sheffield MUSE, click on “My Services” then “My Calendar”. In the menu option “Other calendars” click “Add by URL” and cop[y and paste the following URL
If you want to visit the calendar website and see the program got to..

Jessica Stapley
Marie Curie Fellow
Department of Animal and Plant Sciences,
Alfred Denny Building
Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK

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