ACTION required from all staff, students and visitors to the lab

message from the admin team on D floor:

We have been looking at ways of keeping up to date with details of members of staff, PG students and visitors in the department.  Based on a model used very successfully in BMS, we have designed a form to record people, their location, contact details etc.  This form can be accessed from the APS Staff & Students web page.

This is primarily aimed at new starters in the department, but to ensure we have a comprehensive data base we would like all current postdocs, technicians, visitors and postgraduate students to take a few minutes to complete the form.  It would be most helpful if you could mention this to other members in your group, in case they are not on our mailing lists – which is a big part of the problem!  There is no need for academic staff to do this as we have reasonably accurate information.

We would ask that when a new person joins your group you ask them to complete the form as soon as possible.

The information will be useful for admin staff, Stuart and Hazel.

In the near future we hope to instigate an Outduction form to be completed by people leaving the department.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Sue and the Admin Team

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