The Fourth Annual Manchester Molecular and Genome Evolution (MaGE) Symposium

The Fourth Annual Manchester Molecular and Genome Evolution (MaGE) Symposium is fast approaching: Friday 17 May 2013. Registration is free, but necessary, so if you would like to attend then please register at We are still accepting abstracts for talks and posters.

This annual symposium is an informal and friendly one-day meeting for those interested in Molecular and Genome Evolution from either the computational or experimental perspective. It will be held in the Michael Smith Lecture theatre in the Faculty of Life Sciences, at the University of Manchester.

This year talks will include:
Judith Mank (UCL) on “Sex-specific selection and the genomic basis of sexual dimorphism”
Lisa Crossman (TGAC, Norwich) on “Crowdsourcing outbreak genomics: E.coli 2011 and Chalara Ash Dieback”.
Terry Brown on “The genotype of a historic strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis”
Rok Krasovec (Knight lab) on “Social interactions determine mutation rate in Escherichia coli”
Florence Gutzwiller (Bergman lab) on “Evolution of the plant green-island phenotype and Wolbachia infection in leaf-mining micro-moths”
Maria Ninova (Griffiths-Jones lab) on “Lineage-specific microRNAs are expressed in the early development of Drosophila”
Jordi Paps (Oxford) on “Exploring the origins and major transitions of the Animal Kingdom with 21st century tools: a comparative genomics approach”

The remaining talks on the day will be chosen from those submitted, with a preference towards student and postdoc presentations, interspersed with the selection of titles from other more senior researchers in Manchester (and beyond). There will be prizes for the best submitted talk and the best poster.

We hope to see you in May!

Many thanks,
Douda Bensasson and Casey Bergman

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