Writing and publication workshops

1) Workshop for Group Leaders: Effective management of writing and publication

Are you a research fellow or young academic in the process of building your research group?

Are you an experienced group leader considering how to improve the research output from your laboratory and how to better support your PhD students and Postdocs become good & prolific publishing scientists?

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Please email <s.soubes@sheffield.ac.uk> to book a place to attend this workshop.

2) Intensive Training programme for Postdoctoral researchers: Writing for publication
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When:  22nd MAY (9.30-5pm)
Where: 301 Glossop Road

The success of a research institute or university department is ultimately dependent on the publication record of its constituent groups. It is therefore essential for principal investigators to create the conditions that favour efficient, high-impact publication of research from their laboratories. At the same time, group leaders have a responsibility to train the next generation of researchers to become independent, publishing scientists. This short workshop introduces approaches to managing the overall
publication output of a research group and working effectively with the writing of junior colleagues. It shows how a proactive, strategic approach to writing not only enhances publication success but also has a positive impact on the research itself. In addition, it reveals how effective interaction with students and postdoctoral researchers throughout the writing process can reduce the workload of group leaders
while helping junior researchers to develop critical skills for their future careers.

Participants will gain critical insights into the process of writing and how this awareness can be used not only to optimise writing and publication output but also to enhance the scientific activity of their research groups.

– Understanding the writing process
– Writing as a driving force for science
– Approaches to managing publication output in academic settings
– Getting the most out of your group to support your publication goals
– Mentoring writing

Writing for Publication- Intensive Training Programme
Training for Early Career researchers

Are you a Postdoc with data from your PhD, which never got written?
Are you a Postdoc with lots of data but who never has the time to write?
Are you a Postdoc who does not like to write?
Are you a Postdoc applying for fellowships and lectureships who needs papers to be started/ written/ finished/ submitted in order to enhancing your chances of success?

Success in science is not just about the results you obtain in the laboratory—it is also about communicating them. Without a strong publication record, you will not progress in your career. The sooner you make sense of writing, then, the more chance you will have of achieving your goals.

This training programme is intended to help you set off on the road to becoming a more effective, independent writer. It will help you to understand more about the writing process and to develop an approach to writing and publication that will be of benefit to you throughout your career.

During the programme, you will also build a support network of peers with whom you will share ideas, issues & challenges.

We are offering a limited number of early career researchers from biological/ biomedical disciplines the opportunity to benefit from an outstanding training provision.

This will take the form of a series of training packages (all are part of the same training programme):

  • Workshop: Approaches to writing and publication (20 & 21st May)
  • Writing retreat: 15th to 19th July
  • Individual coaching (this will take place via email between July- September)
  • Workshop: Intensive follow-up & coaching (30th Sept- 2nd October)

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    Dr. Iain Patten is an independent writing consultant with more than 10 years’ experience of facilitating scientific writing and communication. He originally trained as a biomedical scientist and undertook research in neuroscience and embryology in the UK, USA, and Spain. He later shifted his attention to scientific communication, working initially in Spain as an editor and translator of biomedical science and
    later in the UK in the medical communications industry. He currently provides an integrated scientific and medical communications service with an emphasis on individually tailored training. His approach focuses primarily on helping authors to become independent, effective writers who are able to produce well-structured, clearly written articles as part of their normal professional activity.
    If you have questions and queries regarding either the workshop for group leader or the intensive training programme for Postdocs, please do get in touch with Sandrine:

    Dr Sandrine Soubes
    Researcher Development Manager, Faculty of Science

    The University of Sheffield
    Firth court, room F16
    Western bank
    S10 2TN
    Tel:  +44  (0114) 222-4220
    Fax:  +44  (0114) 222-2800

    Web: http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/faculty/science/training-and-development

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