Registration is now open for the conference SPECIATION 2013, to be held in
Montpellier 27-29 May 2013.

Information on the conference and the registration and abstract submission
procedures can be found at http://kimura.univ-montp2.fr/speciation2013/.
Please note that you first need to pre-register following the instructions
on the website -‘Registration procedure’ tab.

Deadline for registration and abstract submission is 22 March 2013.

The conference will host up to 180 participants. We strongly encourage
participants to register and book accommodation as soon as possible, as May
can be a very busy period in Montpellier. Suggestions for accommodation are
provided on the conference website.

You are welcome to contact Carole Smadja (carole.smadja-at-univ-montp2.fr)
if you have any question.

Best wishes
Carole Smadja and Isabelle Olivieri

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